Oh, That's Nice

DJ’s & Soul Food ab 18 Uhr

FR 06. August 2021

powered by Soulkitchen

curated by Farangis Nomadee

Wir laden euch ein zu einer neuen Eventreihe in der Soulkitchen


:: Oh That’s Nice ::

When Arthur Schopenhauer said, ‘’Music is the food of soul’’, he didn’t mean music they play in restaurants..or did he?!

 Oh, that’s nice will be enjoying a summer residency at one of Vienna’s most exciting secret spots- Soul Kitchen and by the looks of it, the match was made in heaven.

The sustainable restaurant provides not only an exciting contemporary menu but also an invigorating, yet serene urban garden, filled with fresh herbs and edible flowers.

The overall organic feeling is a natural extension of Farangis Firozian’s own Modus Operandi, committed to endurance and continuity. A vibrant artist herself, the owner Farangis has a great passion for music, which in her words ‘’connects people, like good food’’. 

Everyone is invited to share a hedonistic afternoon with Oh, that’s nice’s crew and embark on a journey through sounds and spices.


Das Soulkitchen Team freut sich auf diesen besonderen Event und auf gewohnte, sowie neue Gesichter. Bring your BF, your Mama and kids, your lover or your workmate and enjoy a soulful summer with us ♥